What is SriMitra India?


"Imagine a young homeless kid, dressed in tatters that barely cover him in the cold harsh winters, standing along the road, begging for food.

His blue shivering lips are filled with desperate pleas for help. Sounds familiar? Almost all of us have encountered such a pitiful sight that leaves us filled with utter sadness and rue.

All of us must have taken action once in a while,Contributing money in the name of kindness to Contribution sites. But do we have any answer to what happens with this heartfelt contribution of ours?

We all have this clueless moment, where we are left in the dark . But due to lack of a method to help them we continue on our way with our hearts laden heavy with despair."


Here’s where SriMitra India comes in

We are a community dedicated to food adequacy for Child care homes, that directly sources food from grocery marts and stores to Child care homes. Since money is not involved it ensures greater transparency.

People are hesitant to Contribute money, and every once in a while, news about misused funds doesn’t alleviate the suspicions either.

We at SriMitra India want to establish a bond of trust and help feed the hands that will one day shape our future. All you have to do is download our app or visit our website, while shopping at a grocery chain or online, place an order for a small portion of food to keep these tough beautiful smiles Your order is directly converted into a food order for a Child care home near you. Once the order reaches the Child care home, a delivery confirmation and update is shared at the very moment.

All our transactions are publicly visible to users anytime, ensuring trust and transparency.


SriMitra India is all of us when we decide to take action to make a difference in the lives of these precious children. SriMitra is all of us when we decide to provide each child a world worth living in. We hope that with your help our combined efforts are one day adequate enough to feed each one of these little angels